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Weddings should be should be a stress-free celebration with family, loved-ones, and even four-legged friends.


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Sarah K Wolf is an event producer and social media strategist based in Austin, Texas. She loves cats and dogs, equally.


    I combine creativity with experience to keep events organized, professional, and fresh.


    From account management to broader social strategy, I help brands engage with their target audiences and influencers to build authentic relationships.


    Love at first sight or friendship turned romance, I help unique, cool couples find their way through the wedding planning madness.

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    Here are some of our favorite shops and designers worth checking out when holiday shopping this season. Be brave out there.


    Material specializes in custom-made vintage clothing, and no two items are alike. Material features dresses, tanks tops, bow ties, fitted tops, and more that are perfect for someone with unique style. You won’t find items like this in big box stores, that’s for sure.
    Claire Sommers Buck
    Claire Sommers Buck creates handcrafted jewelry that is organically inspired, and each piece is unique and slightly different. She can also create custom pieces, so if you’re looking for something super special for your honey, talk to Claire.
    Fairdale Bikes
    Who doesn’t want to get a new bike on Christmas morning? I recently got my very own Fairdale Bike, and it is AWESOME. I have the single speed Flyer and it’s uncomplicated and smooth to ride. They offer various styles and colors, check ’em out.
    Picture 4
    Teranishi is a new favorite of Danny’s, featuring mostly handcrafted leather goods. Their pieces are detailed, functional, and modern.




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    Brooke and Jeremy just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary…a couple months ago…, so I’m a little overdue on this blog post. Enjoy!

    Brooke and Jeremy’s wedding priorities were to have an intimate ceremony and reception that reflected their personalities and allowed them to enjoy time with their closest friends and family – all 300 of them.

    The ceremony was set on the City Terrace of The Long Center, with downtown Austin providing a scenic backdrop during Brooke and Jeremy’s vows. Floral was stunning, but nothing compared to the stylish and beautiful bride and groom (seriously, check out the pictures below.) Their sweet dog served as the flower girl (good girl, Lucy) and their vows included their favorite song lyrics. Finished with a champagne toast, the ceremony beat rain clouds by minutes and set the pace for an evening of love and magic.

    Two words to sum up the reception at French Legation: Party Time. DJ J. Edgar Groover, White Ghost Shivers, and All My Friends took the stage throughout the night and guests did not hold back from letting loose on the dance floor. The reception was picnic style with a mix of classic dining tables and scattered Indian tapestries for ground seating. Every detail reflected Brooke and Jeremy, from the photobooth backdrop painted by talented artist Sloke to the custom-made posters given as favors.  This wedding was a total blast, and a true celebration of Brooke and Jeremy (and Lucy!) becoming a family.

    Happy (late) Anniversary, Brooke & Jeremy!

    (Special thanks to The Long Center, French Legation Museum, Pink Avocado Catering, Cory Ryan Photography, Alison Narro, Rosehip Flora, Premiere Party Rentals, and all vendors for making this day run smoothly!)












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    book3This week the Casserole Queens released their brand new cookbook, Make-A-Meal, and have begun their book tour to share the inspiration behind their second book. I got to visit with Sandy and Crystal at two of their book signings in Austin (you might say I’m a fan of the Queens), and just glancing through their new book leaves me hungry and determined to ramp up my cooking skills. This book features new casserole recipes along with side dishes to make your meal complete, along with gluten-free and vegetarian options. Some recipes I can’t wait to try are Summertime Tomato Basil Pie, Cioippino-Style Roasted Crab (seriously?!), and Shrimp Gumbo Casserole. Yum! Follow along with the Casserole queens on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with their exciting book tour (these ladies are a hoot).

    book1 book2


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    ACFinally! My nonstop pet and animal related photos are being put to good use besides annoying my friends on social media! I’ve contributed content for the Animal Connections social media channels, so be sure to check them out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You may see some familiar furry faces.

    Presented by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition ServiceAnimal Connections: Our Journey Together is a traveling exhibit that introduces visitors to the human-animal bond and inspires the next generation of veterinarians. This exhibit marks the 150th anniversary of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and you should definitely check it out if you’re a sucker for interesting animal photos (like me).




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    August Nightlife Issue

    Danny and I dish on one of our favorite dive bars, Deep Eddy Cabaret, in the August issue of TRIBEZA. You can grab your copy at many local businesses around town, or read the online version here. Big thanks to our good friend Annie Ray for taking the fabulous photos, love you Annie!

    Photo by Annie Ray

    Photo by Annie Ray



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    1069333_624149454273277_314971256_nIf you’re an animal lover like me, this scenario may sound familiar to you. When I’m lying in bed at night and can’t sleep (and also because I’m practically addicted to social media), I scroll through Twitter and Facebook on my phone looking at pictures posted by animal rescue groups. I laugh, I cry, and I typically end up donating a few bucks before I pass out from exhaustion. When I came across a post made by Corridor Rescue Inc. (CRI) out of Houston, I was totally struck. I’ve been a supporter and volunteer for Austin Pets Alive! for years now, but didn’t think often of animal problems outside of our great town. CRI has totally caught my attention, and hopefully will catch yours too.

    Corridor Rescue Inc. is an animal rescue organization with primary emphasis on rescuing dogs and cats from the Corridor of Cruelty in Houston, Texas. Their goal is to end animal suffering whenever they can, and they do the best they can with limited resources and funds. You see, there is an area in Houston just east of I-59 off Little York – apparently the dividing line for the county and city Animal Controls. This mile strip of road is called the Corridor of Cruelty. There are abandoned and starving dogs just dumped there on a regular basis. It’s horrible and sad. They’re working to make it better, and need help.

    Please check out their website if you’re interested in learning more about CRI and their efforts. I’ll be guest tweeting for them for a while, so please follow them on Twitter! (Any RTs and mentions are appreciated, hint hint.) You can also check them out on Instagram and Facebook. If you can donate, adopt, or foster, please consider doing so. They are also in need of donations such as cat and dog food (check out a list here). Thanks y’all.



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    Hello2This past Tuesday was the Social Media Club Austin panel on Social Media & the Law – Avoiding Mishaps, Misdeeds, & Meltdowns. The panelists were knowledgeable, savvy, and downright entertaining. Our speakers for the night were Chris Boudreaux (@cboudreaux) of Accenture, Ryan M. Garcia (@SoMeDellLawyer) – social media attorney for Dell, and Jason Ford (@jasford), Founder of FeedMagnet. Below are some highlights from the evening, paraphrased of course.

    – Even if your industry isn’t strict, it’s good to have guidelines on what is acceptable on social media.
    – Most guidelines aren’t actually unique to social media; they should be company-wide.
    – Content: You make it you own it (unless you’re hired to make it for a brand, then it gets more complicated).
    – Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) don’t actually want to own your content because then they could be held liable for it.
    – Private Account vs Brand Ambassador – the difference could mean you owning your followers versus your company owning your followers.
    – How did Oreo score so quickly with their Super Bowl tweet? They had lawyers, marketing, and creative in the same room for the game so they could get approval quickly.
    – It’s against Facebook guidelines to use functionality in contests, such as having fans comment to enter or “like” a post to enter a contest. (I’ve known this for a while and it drives me crazy when brands do this. Be careful – if you get busted it will have to be removed.)

    An intriguing comment made by Ryan Garcia was that it’ll be interesting to see how social media laws will be shaped in the future, when younger people who have grown up on social media are the ones creating the laws. Indeed.

    If you work in social media or are simply interested in the topic, you should definitely check out the next SMCA meeting. Follow them on Twitter at @SMCAustin.  (And you can follow me at @SarahKWolf, if ya want.)



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     HairRehabMartha Lynn Kale from Mirror Mirror Salon is hosting Hair Rehab during July, in which 8 lucky (or should I say deserving?) women have committed to Martha Lynn’s Hair Rehab plan for a month in order to love their hair. I’m participating in Hair Rehab, and I totally need it. Stuck in that awkward in-between phase of hair length, Martha Lynn is helping me get my hair healthy and strong and teaching me how to properly style it so I can have more good hair days and fewer ponytail days (which if you know me, every day is a pony tail day). I’ll be using Living Proof products during rehab, and so far so good – they smell absolutely great and my hair is already noticeably softer. Follow me and Martha Lynn on Twitter for #HairRehab updates this month!


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