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    Sandy & Crystal

    Sandy & Crystal

    Crystal Cook and Sandy Pollock, also known as the Casserole Queens, combine three of my favorite things (vintage clothing, food, and cocktails) into one. Recently Danny and I have collaborated with them on some exciting projects, so it only seems right to include the Queens in my first blog post.

    The Casserole Queens, Sandy and Crystal, have resurrected the classic American casserole and put their own spin on the dish. A few of my favorites include Spicy Mac and Cheese, A+ Asparagus, and Corn Dog Casserole (I recommend putting veggie dogs in this dish!). Starting out as a food delivery service in Austin, the Queens have expanded their empire to include a delicious cookbook, fresh new channel on Hungry YouTube, and a monthly recipe column in Woman’s Day Magazine. Being friends for over 10 years, Crystal and Sandy embrace 1950s kitsch while bringing fun and flair to their recipes. (And I must mention, they were on Throwdown! with Bobby Flay a few years ago and if you look closely you can see me doing the twist in the background as an extra. Yes, that’s right.) You can connect with the Queens on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest to catch their latest endeavors.

    Casserole Queens featured in Woman's Day

    Casserole Queens featured in Woman’s Day