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    Hello2This past Tuesday was the Social Media Club Austin panel on Social Media & the Law – Avoiding Mishaps, Misdeeds, & Meltdowns. The panelists were knowledgeable, savvy, and downright entertaining. Our speakers for the night were Chris Boudreaux (@cboudreaux) of Accenture, Ryan M. Garcia (@SoMeDellLawyer) – social media attorney for Dell, and Jason Ford (@jasford), Founder of FeedMagnet. Below are some highlights from the evening, paraphrased of course.

    – Even if your industry isn’t strict, it’s good to have guidelines on what is acceptable on social media.
    – Most guidelines aren’t actually unique to social media; they should be company-wide.
    – Content: You make it you own it (unless you’re hired to make it for a brand, then it gets more complicated).
    – Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) don’t actually want to own your content because then they could be held liable for it.
    – Private Account vs Brand Ambassador – the difference could mean you owning your followers versus your company owning your followers.
    – How did Oreo score so quickly with their Super Bowl tweet? They had lawyers, marketing, and creative in the same room for the game so they could get approval quickly.
    – It’s against Facebook guidelines to use functionality in contests, such as having fans comment to enter or “like” a post to enter a contest. (I’ve known this for a while and it drives me crazy when brands do this. Be careful – if you get busted it will have to be removed.)

    An intriguing comment made by Ryan Garcia was that it’ll be interesting to see how social media laws will be shaped in the future, when younger people who have grown up on social media are the ones creating the laws. Indeed.

    If you work in social media or are simply interested in the topic, you should definitely check out the next SMCA meeting. Follow them on Twitter at @SMCAustin.  (And you can follow me at @SarahKWolf, if ya want.)



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